Everything you need to know when hiring web SEO services for businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long-term investment channel and is almost indispensable in the marketing campaign of many businesses. The value that this online communication method brings is indisputable. Here's everything you need to know when hiring web SEO services for your business.

SEO and the essence of SEO

SEO is a marketing solution with relatively high specificity. From the perspective of business managers, we can understand in the simplest way:

"SEO is keyword ranking optimization, helping Website reach TOP high on Google after users search for a keyword of the product/service that the business is providing."

If you are the owner of a growing business, SEO and issues related to this online marketing method will be the things that you need to know.

What are the benefits of doing SEO?

In general, the ultimate benefit when doing SEO that businesses aim to increase revenue and profit.

Should you hire website SEO services?

Nowadays, almost every business has realized the importance of building their own website. However, in order for the website to be created accessible to users and really effective, doing SEO is a must. At this point, we will be faced with 2 options: do SEO yourself or hire an external seo service.

If your business is really big, has a strong staff, knowledgeable and experienced staff in SEO, then implementing SEO campaigns yourself will be the most effective and economical.

On the contrary, if your business is young, has limited human resources, does not really have experience and deep understanding of this digital marketing method, it will be very risky to do it yourself. Because there will never be a single person that can weigh the whole SEO campaign.

The essence of SEO is to use human effort and knowledge to replace advertising costs, so doing SEO must coordinate with the team. At this time, hiring seo services from seo departments, agencies specializing in seo from outside will be the best solution.
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How much does it cost to hire an external SEO service?

Determining clearly how much to pay for hiring SEO services of each business is not easy. Because this cost will vary depending on many factors: the status of the website, keyword difficulty, industry competition, and also the company that chooses to provide SEO services.

Currently, the cost to hire overall SEO website services from outside for businesses in Vietnam is ranging from 300-450 million/year depending on the service package you choose. That is about 25,000,000 - 38,000,000 VND/month. Companies offering cheaper service packages can be from 20,000,000 to 26,000,000 VND/month. Or you can also choose single keyword SEO service packages and the company price will be calculated based on the difficulty of each of these keywords.

Should you choose overall SEO or keyword SEO?

In a nutshell, overall SEO focuses on all the keywords that are likely to generate traffic from relevant queries and conversions for the business. The rest, keyword SEO only focuses on a group of keywords that are committed from the beginning.

Overall, overall SEO offers a more comprehensive solution.

The reason is because this solution in addition to the main keywords, brand keywords ... SEO people also help businesses optimize thousands of different keywords. Remember, the same product but not all users will search for the same keyword.

In addition, the overall optimization solution also helps to optimize the Website more standard, take care of Google My Business, improve the user experience ... better.

However, keyword SEO will be suitable for businesses that provide a small number of products, services or seasonal products ...

Where to find SEO services?

Currently, there are quite a few companies that provide and advise on website seo services for businesses, however, not all businesses can best meet our requirements. SEO requires the companies to have enough mind – enough scope to implement effectively. Besides focusing on pushing the top keywords in the contract, that company should also focus on the conversion rate or contribute to building and shaping the brand for the business.

You can search for such companies through the internet, the media, through the introduction of relatives, acquaintances, etc., but please research carefully before making your choices. Note further that, the price of these companies does not determine the quality of service that the company provides.

SEO service contract template

In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of our business when hiring external SEO service providers, we need to understand the terms and conditions commonly found in this service contract form.

Find SEO service

Some other notes

SEO takes time to show results

In fact, many businesses, especially small businesses, always find it difficult to wait for results from SEO.

Of course, depending on the service, the industry, the difficulty of the SEO keyword, the quality of the initial website, etc. The effective time will also have certain differences. However, usually there won't be too much of a difference within the first 2 months of the project. It is a very common problem when hiring SEO services or even with the official employees of the business.

Because SEO is a free channel, it has a very high level of competition, and it takes time for Google to become aware of the brand and reputation of the business. Besides, SEO is a process of many items, many closely related jobs, so it will be difficult to show immediate results.

How long does an SEO contract usually last?

As mentioned before, the ideal time for an SEO campaign will usually range from 6-12 months. This is just enough time for SEOs to optimize keyword rankings, improve website quality, create a breakthrough in traffic, revenue as well as customer awareness. potential brand… Therefore, SEO contracts usually last from 6-12 months.

What schools of SEO are there?

Regarding the SEO school, there are quite a few different variations. However, we will basically have 3 main schools:
Of course, in most industries/services, white hat SEO will be the most optimal if you need long-term, sustainability and quality.

Which is a reputable SEO service consulting company?

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