Professional keyword SEO based on the needs of searchers.

With other forms of advertising such as Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Email Marketing, etc., customers are required to see your ad even though they have not yet had a need.

Particularly with Google Search, users actively type keywords to express their search needs. And they feel they have the right to choose what they want to see. Through our keyword SEO service, you will choose the right set of keywords for your website SEO, as well as your business can accurately reach the target audience, increase brand awareness. Thereby helping you continuously attract new potential customers, build a sustainable brand.

SEO is a highly effective and sustainable Online Marketing solution.

With cost-per-click (CPC) ads or other internet marketing services such as Google Ads, you pay the advertiser directly and must accept frequent changes in your bids from time to time. day. Particularly with Vietnamese SEO services, you are no longer pressured by the obsession of constantly increasing bids, because this is an investment that is kept at the same price throughout the project.

If you stop doing SEO, the website won't automatically drop in rankings. Only when the opponent's website is stronger than yours, they can push you down!

We provide keyword SEO services to help keyword rankings get better and better, internal resources are constantly increasing. All the value of SEO is accumulated sustainably along with the existence and development of the website. Therefore, SEO strategy is always associated with the company's long-term Online Marketing strategy.

The #1 thing: conversion rate.

Do you spend a lot of money looking for ways to increase website traffic? However, many people are so busy racing for traffic that they forget the more important thing: conversion rates.

Have you ever measured how many visits a website has, how many clicks and how many contacts? Keyword SEO services at Viet SEO always focus on providing effective solutions that really help increase conversion rates, instead of focusing on valuable visits.

“With some money, invest smarter.”

Professional SEO by keywords

The process of implementing professional keyword SEO services in Viet SEO

Applying international standard project management model (PMI) with Agile philosophy - SCrum, combined with SEO and Marketing processes to deploy projects safely, effectively, flexibly to adapt to changes from Google and market, competitors.

Step 1: Initiation – Initialize the project

As part of the PMI international standard project management process, project initiation helps parties better understand project information to ensure the best availability before starting to implement SEO projects.
  • Check and collect information, documents, input of SEO projects such as contracts, customer surveys, content materials, notes, working representative information.
  • Initialize the project on the management system and allocate related accounts.
  • Connect the system, check the availability of accounts such as website administrator account, hosting account, Google Analytics account, Google Search Console account

Step 2: Research, Audit & Planning – Research, audit and planning.

Research, analysis and planning are the “spine” that shapes the success of any marketing project, yet this content is often overlooked in SME businesses. At Viet SEO, we consider this an important foundational component to start the process of implementing SEO services in general and keyword SEO in particular effectively.
  • Identify the primary and secondary goals of the long-term marketing strategy.
  • Identify key products/services, thereby building a set of complementary keywords.
  • Research the market, customer needs and related competitors.
  • Analyze the entire internal force of the website, and compare with related competitors to have a suitable competitive strategy.
  • Make a plan to develop landing page content, relevant useful content, and resource building plan.

Step 3: Implementation

The implementation phase is implemented as soon as the two parties agree on the plans, aiming for the feasibility and final effectiveness of the project for both parties.

Overall website optimization (on-site SEO)

Onsite optimization helps the website become more search engine friendly. Some serious Onsite errors can affect the entire keyword of the website. Vietnamese SEO services SEO will:
  • Make suggestions, coordinate with Customers and conduct overall website optimization according to standards from Google algorithm
  • Monitor and check the changes of the algorithm to timely optimize the overall website.

Landing Page Optimization (On-Page SEO)

Landing page optimization is an extremely important stage of keyword SEO services, determining the level of SEO standards, customer experience on the landing page, and conversion rate for SEO keywords.
  • Conduct optimization of landing pages according to previously analyzed recommendations for content, structure, and user experience.
  • Monitor and optimize landing pages, ensuring landing pages are both for sales and comply with the requirements of the Google algorithm.

Website content optimization (SEO content)

In addition to optimizing the landing page, SEO Content helps to standardize other important content to increase the overall power of the website.
  • Conduct thorough research on products and industry trends to optimize quality content on your website according to Google's standards and increase traffic with content of real value to your customers.
  • Track the conversion rate of important content to have a plan to improve the efficiency of SEO services.

Off-page SEO (Off-page SEO)

Offpage SEO – Build quality backlinks, help promote the website to the customer community, help customers access the landing page through the link. Building a brand on the internet.
  • Build quality resources, right quantity for your website.
  • Create website links to increase power, increase authority, increase website and landing page rankings.
  • Regularly monitor backlinks for timely supplement and improvement plans.

Step 4: Monitoring & Report

After ranking the keyword on the first page of Google, Viet SEO's top Google keyword SEO service always follows the ranking situation every day to maintain the keyword position in the Top 10 and continuously push the keywords forward. Higher position, more secure.
  • Monitor, analyze, and update continuously to improve keyword rankings. Check the change of the algorithm to timely optimize the items inside and outside the website.
  • Periodic assessment to advise customers more quickly and sustainable website development solutions.
  • When the website is negatively impacted from the outside, Viet SEO will notify the customer for coordination between the two parties to prevent timely.
  • Make a warning when a customer makes a website that accidentally violates webmaster guidelines from Google.
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Viet SEO is committed to complying with the principles


The truth lies in consulting the right SEO service needs, suitable for each customer's own product/service instead of flowery, unclear advertisements.


Black hat SEO gets to the front page fast but is easily penalized by Google. And doing safe SEO takes more time but is always a reliable place for you to entrust your website.


It will be difficult to have a stable number of website visitors if the keyword goes up and then drops back to the top. Therefore, you should choose a sustainable website SEO service for long-term peace of mind.

What's special about Vietnamese SEO's top Google SEO service?

When customers hire SEO keywords, Viet SEO has a refund mechanism to commit benefits to customers.

Experienced and successful SEO consultants for many fields.

Inheriting the SEO experience of more than 20 years of Japanese experts and international experts on Search Engine of SEMrush.

Effectively apply strict Japanese project development process and SEMrush tool to SEO project management.

Optimizing the landing page (on-page) for sales combined with the overall optimization (on-site), optimizing the existing content to enhance the comprehensive power of the website.

The SEO service model has a profit focus on the maintenance stage, so Viet SEO always focuses on maintaining the keyword rankings continuously that cannot be neglected at any time.

Frequently asked questions about Keyword SEO Services in Viet SEO

How long does it take to SEO keywords to Top?

Viet SEO service is committed to bringing keywords to the Top in 6 months. During this period, the keywords can be on the Top soon before the commitment deadline or up after 6 months depending on the competition of the keyword and the internal strength of the website. For keywords that have not been listed after 6 months, Viet SEO will continue to perform SEO for another 3 months and will not charge any additional SEO fees for these keywords.

What if the contract expires but the keyword is still not on the Top?

SEO is a long-term investment. Website needs time to improve internal resources, increase quality score. If after implementing the service, the keywords still do not go to the Top, to ensure the highest benefits for customers, Viet SEO will refund 3 months of SEO costs corresponding to the keywords that have not been on the Top.

Which keywords should I choose for SEO?

When starting to implement the project, our SEO Experts will work with you to discuss and advise you in detail according to the principle:
  • Prioritize keywords that focus on your core product/service strategy.
  • Prioritize competitive keywords that match the webiste's internal resources.
What will Vietnamese SEO report to me?

Viet SEO will report the completed workloads on the website to you after each stage of implementing SEO services and report an overview of the project after 6 months. At the same time, Viet SEO will report keyword rankings daily through the automatic email system from the start to the end of the project.

Will I get a discount if I do multiple keywords at the same time?

With the price mechanism based on the quantity and difficulty of keywords in Viet SEO, the more keywords you implement SEO, the unit price per word on the same level will decrease gradually. See detailed price list of keyword seo services at: Quotation of SEO services

My keywords have been positioned quite well on page 2, page 3. So can SEO time be shortened?

SEO is a regular and ongoing process. If the keyword is ranking on page 2, page 3, now the competition is very big. And if the keywords go to the Top before 6 months, then you will soon get a return on your investment. However, the charging timelines are unchanged.
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