Types of SEO services on the market today

Currently, when there is a need to use SEO services, businesses can choose from many different packages. In the article below, we will select and introduce to you the 4 main types of SEO services, the most popular today and what you need to know when using this type of marketing service.

1. Types of SEO services today

1.1. SEO Audit Service

This is a type of SEO service in which the service provider will help businesses make an SEO strategy based on the results of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the business website and the type and quality of services/products. products offered by the business.

1.2. Keyword SEO Services

This is currently the most popular SEO service package today. Keyword SEO service is an SEO service in which the SEO unit will help optimize the category / product pages on the web based on keywords. The selected keywords are directly related to the product that the web is trading, and in the query trend of the customer group that the web is targeting. When the optimization is successful, the web will be displayed on the Top of the Google search results table with the selected keywords.

1.3. Overall website SEO service

As its name suggests, overall SEO service is a service package that helps to optimize overall, the entire web. This type of service works with the purpose of "covering the Top" with a series of keywords, including main keywords and niche keywords.

Therefore, with this SEO service package, once achieving the desired rankings, it will help the website increase traffic rapidly, maintain stability and especially not miss potential customers. Regardless of what type of keywords customers use to search for products that the web is providing, the web will be displayed at the top. That is why the overall SEO service increases the credibility of the website greatly and sustainably.
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1.4. SEO traffic service

This type is quite new. Its effect is to help build and maintain the brand. SEO traffic is a service package in which we will not focus on the top rankings, but mainly attract internet users to visit the website thanks to Organic Search searches.

2. Things to know when using SEO services

2.1. Quality Access

For each website as well as the success of the website, traffic is an extremely important factor. A website that achieves a large amount of traffic from the target customers, who are interested and have the need to buy products/use services that the web is providing will have the opportunity to create conversions and increase revenue. .

Note that these must be quality visits, that is, organic traffic, and are from the target audience.
SEO services in Vietnam

2.2. The number of accesses

After having obtained a quality traffic from the target customer, in the next stage, SEO services will help the website to optimize traffic. The more visitors a website attracts, the more popular it becomes on the internet, the effectiveness of brand and product marketing is huge. In addition, with a large amount of traffic coming from target customers, the opportunity to sell and create conversions is therefore much larger, increasing the competitive power with competitors.

2.3. Natural search results

When users use keywords to query on Google, the Google search results table will display 2 types of results. One is SEM - ad impressions, marked AD or QC at the top of search results, and two are results displayed from SEO - which are also organic search results. In particular, the natural search results from SEO are always trusted by users, preferring to click over the impressions from SEM. In addition, impressions from SEO will not be charged based on clicks like SEM.

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Types of SEO services

How to choose a SEO services in Vietnam for my business?

Choosing an SEO service in Vietnam for your business requires careful consideration to ensure you make the right decision that aligns with your goals and objectives. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you select the best SEO service:
By following these steps, you can make an informed decision and choose an SEO service in Vietnam that is well-equipped to enhance your online presence and contribute to your business growth.

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