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Website With Google Adwords Ads

Website by advertising "sponsored links"Google lets Web site owners pay Google to display the website in the first place when Google users search for keywords related to the business areas of the site. This will make Web site owners can market their products and services to its customers the right way to selectively and effectively.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Implementation Steps:

Step 1: You define the keywords that you want to advertise on Google, Vietnamese SEO consultant will help you choose the most appropriate keywords.
Step 2: Vietnam will register SEO keyword advertising with Google that helps you.
Step 3: You ad will appear on Google when users search Google for keywords that you have registered.
Step 4: Each time a customer clicks on an ad site of the customer, the customer will pay an equivalent amount in exchange for a customer has visited the website (this amount is set before the Vietnamese SEO with Google) .

Vietnamese SEO Mission:

- Helps you choose which keywords best suited to the business of the customer.
- Analysis of the degree of each keyword search.
- Estimated costs for advertising activity.
- On behalf of the customer to register with Google ads.
- To monitor and tabulate statistical and cost effectiveness of each campaign. Please see our sample report HERE


Advertising costs depend on the number of customers that you wish to access the website and the keywords that you choose to advertise. If you are big budget, you can select multiple keywords and attract more visits to your website. However, Vietnam will always work towards minimizing the cost to you. So rest assured that you can start using the service with only 3.000.000vnd/thang Adwords.

Service Packs

Google ads pay fees

Vietnamese SEO service charge

Advertising time

Number of keywords

Package 1:
2.400.000vnd 600.000vnd 01 months 1-5 keywords
Package 2:
5.300.000vnd 700.000vnd 01 months 10-10 keywords
Package 3:
11.200.00vnd 800.000vnd 01 months 1-15 keywords

- For example: You choose Package 1 from 1-5 keywords, at a cost of 3.000.000vnd / 1 month. In it, the money used to pay Google for each click is 2.400.000vnd, this amount will be divided between the 30-day ad. If all 30-day period, the money left over, we will continue to run ads until 0.00vnd longer. Amount paid to Google was confirmed by a report (report) from the Google email so you feel secure about its true value. Initial costs with Google services and management costs of the Vietnam SEO is 600.000vnd.

Google Adwords Ads

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