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Professional Website Design - SEO Nice And Easy

Website of the customer not only eye-catching, fast loading, meet customer needs, user-friendly but also friendly to Google, Yahoo, Bing (The popular search engines today) to websites always have a high position on search engines this. Web promotion website will be simpler if you programmed the search engine-friendly from the beginning. With the development of talented engineers, professionalVietnamese SEO You will design a site with everything you need to exploit the strengths of the internet, making the reader interested in learning more about:

  • The company's service customers.
  • Help you identify customers.
  • Create forms and the perception by the specific needs of the customer.
  • Always makes the site lively and eye-catching access.

We are proud to have designed the original site, working closely with customers from start to finish. And also wondering if you choose not know how, we will advise and offer professional advice.

Website Design

Why Vietnam SEO to help you design websites?


Website you will be installing a search engine friendly bot (the search engine) to find potential customers for you from the internet.
  1. Customer data will be encrypted to prevent data loss from hacker administrator or hosting (cases prevented opponents of the customer to buy customer information of customers from hosting administrators).
  2. The source code of the customer website will be encrypted to prevent hackers or appropriated to manage hosting multiple versions of similar website.
  3. Receive data pages will be installed code spam protection against hackers information request to the server to continually clogged server.
  4. Website of our customers will be maintained indefinitely to ensure that customer satisfaction with Web sites and bring practical benefits to you.
  5. Website of the customer will be free add functions such as tracking customers to the website where the customer (visitor tracking), tracking time, ip, host of the admin login to the website administrator (admin logs - to admin account of the loss in order to have timely).

Website Design Process

  • Both parties shall sign a contract. You pay 30% immediately after the contract was signed (phase I).
  • You will send the company information, logo, product images via e-mail us. If the file size too large, our staff will come to our office to get you.
  • We will demo site for customer interface.
  • Update and modify the interface according to customer requirements.
  • After you agree to our website interface, we will conduct site programming functions.
  • Updated website features requested by customers.
  • After you agree to the website functions, the two sides will conduct acceptance test.
  • You pay us 70% of the total contract value remaining (phase II).
  • Upload to our website hosting customers, maintenance at the request of the customer.

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